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23-08-07 Dear "family" number 2. Thank you for being so kind and teaching me so many things. I will miss you all a lot so please stay in touch. Take care of Sam, Thelma and everybody else.
Love. TA. Denmark  

7-01-08 A huge thank you to Shirley who is an inspiring and knowledgeable teacher. And thanks to the patient and indefatigagable Thelma who made my horse riding so much sheer fun!
LG Singapore  

7-01-08 Thank you for helming me ride even more and most of all teaching me to JUMP. I can't wait to have more lessons with you and Shadow. Thank you!!
VM Singapore  

25-01-08    Thank you sooo much for motivating me to jump again and reminding me that it is FUN to jump, not scary! See you soon.
Love. KH Dunedin  

25-01-08    Many many "high fives". Thank you for such a fun time. We're coming back again soon.
MH Dunedin  

25-1-08 I first came to Springbank Farm about three years ago. I wasn't confident and didn't really like my horse. You fixed all of that and now I love my horses!! Through you I have made some of my best friends and had some of the best times ever. I suppose thank you doesn't cover it.
AP Waikouaiti  

25-01-08 Thank you for letting me ride Shadow and for helping me get my confidence back. I can't wait to come back.
Thanks. TS Oamaru  

25-07-08 It was heaps and heaps of fun!!! I love coming here and learning all this exciting stuff about horses. Thank you.
MD Warrington  

31-01-08 Brilliant and thank you to Thelma. Lots of fun and a gentle teacher - great experience. Thank you.
FJ Zimbabwe  

31-01-08    What an amazing time! I will try to carry on learning but the first lessons were amazing and fun. Thank you so much for your time and Shadow and Lady Jane.  

01-02-08 I've learned to ride. If I return to NZ next year I'll let you know.
KD Denmark  

22-4-08 Had such and enjoyable time relearning all those skills I'd forgotten. All those muscles I'd forgotten I had. Enjoyed riding Thelma, especially Tess, no matter how hard she was... When I have to go home the thing I was going to miss the most was the horse riding.
CT NSW Australia  

02-05-08  This week has been so fun. Sam and I have learned so much and getting more confidence with each other. Thank you a lot.
SJ Waikouaiti  

02-05-08  I really enjoyed my two weeks here at Springbank Farm. I loved riding Thelma up and down the banks. I can't wait to come next holidays.
SH Waikouaiti  

02-050-08 I really enjoyed my one week here and I loved riding Shadow over all the jumps. I can't wait to come next holidays.
MA Oamaru  

02-05-08  I loved my week at Springbank Farm and got Tess going really well. I can't wait to come back next holidays either!!
LP Oamaru  

02-05-08 Thank you so much. I have learnt sooo much and I really want to come back next holidays.
CP Waikouaiti  

02-05-08 I really loved my stay here! My pony is going so much better and I feel more safe and confident on her now!
SS Waikouaiti


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